1976 Selected articles

The Years of Innovation Pass On

The Years of Innovation Pass On (Continuation)

What Is Improvising? Annea Lockwood and Many Others

Rehearsing ‘Einstein on the Beach’: Philip Glass and Robert Wilson

How to Perform John Cage

Charles Ives in Brooklyn

Percussion for Professionals—And for Amateurs

Meredith Monk’s ‘Quarry’

Steve Reich and 18 Other Musicians

Barbara Benary Brings Java to Jersey

Pauline Oliveros and Philip Corner: Meditation Music

Jon Deak’s Dire Expectations

Four Versions of Christian Wolff’s ‘Burdocks’

Serious Music Can Be Too Serious

Amateur Music: Christian Wolff and Others

Gavin Bryars’s Work Is Good Four Ways

Sound Sculpture Sings

Intermedia Today: William Hellermann and Richard Kostelanetz

John Cage Goes to Boston: A Bicentennial Premiere

Julius Eastman and Daniel Goode: Composers Become Performers

Frederic Rzewski: The People United

Creating the Context: Max Neuhaus

Is There a Greatness Shortage?

How to Find Michael Galasso and Guy Klucevsek