1974 Selected articles

New Music: A Progress Report

The New Wilderness Preservation Band

Yoshi Wada’s Pipe Horns

Charlemagne Palestine: Electronics, Voice, and Piano

Frederic Rzewski’s ‘Struggle’

Paul DeMarinis’s Pygmy Gamelan

Carole Weber’s Meditations

Annea Lockwood’s Water Music

Robert Ashley: A Radical Statement

Jon Hassell: Solid State

Max Neuhaus’s Water Whistle

Musica Elettronica Viva

Philip Corner’s Metal Meditations and Daniel Goode’s Circular Thoughts

Christian Wolff: Exercises and Songs

Philip Glass in Twelve Parts

Electronic Caricatures

A La Monte Young Diary: July 1973-April 1974

A La Monte Young Diary: April 1974

Confronting the Ears Head On

Scratch Music—No Rights Reserved

Mauricio Kagel in New York

In Memoriam Charles Ives

Male Soprano with Wings

Richard Landry

Suspended Bell Gives Concert

The Evolution of Jim Burton

David Behrman: A 1974 Summary