1972 Selected articles

Steve Reich’s ‘Drumming’ (dec. 9, 1971)

The First Meredith Monk Review

Improvising in the Kitchen

The Minimal Slow-Motion Approach: Alvin Lucier and Others

Philip Glass’s New Parts

Frederic Rzewski, Petr Kotik, and Melodies

Phill Niblock: Out-of-Tune Clusters

John Cage at (Almost) 60

Rhys Chatham: One-Note Music

La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Philip Glass

Opening the Kitchen Season: Laurie Spiegel, Jim Burton, Judy Sherman, Garrett List

Jim Burton’s ‘Six Solos’

Joel Chadabe and Garrett List

Victor Grauer: A Long Hum Drone Hum Hum

Charles Dodge: The Computer Sings